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The National Fitness Games // 8th June // Surrey Sports Park

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May 21, 2019

The National Fitness Games is a team-based competition like no other with workouts challenging fitness and teamwork. The NFG team have worked with elite athletes, respected coaches and fitness industry experts to develop a high-quality fitness-focused competition to test athletic ability in an incredible atmosphere and unique fitness experience.



2019 will see NFG host three competitions within world-class venues, including Birmingham NEC, Surrey Sports Park and Loughborough University. Each competition is structured to be a true test of an individual’s athletic ability and covers the four main pillars of fitness; strength, speed, power and endurance.

Tommy Matthews, BMF Managing Director said, “BMF is all about training with a purpose, I believe the partnership with NFG will provide members with an additional focus and goal to train for. What I really like about NFG is that the competitions are designed for everyone. This is very important to our team at BMF as we work with a variety of members. I’m pleased that the team at NFG are happy to visit our locations and provide free taster sessions that give members the chance to experience it.

I encourage our members and instructors to get together to form their teams. Hopefully making these events a great opportunity to push each other and do something out of their comfort zone and away from the typical BMF programme.”

Sean Rice, NFG Commercial Partnerships Manager, said, “As the leading team-based fitness competition, NFG prides itself in associating with other premium brands in the industry. The partnership with BMF provides a fantastic platform to promote the NFG series to a highly engaged and driven audience, not to mention that the 2018 winners were military vets. We are excited to welcome BMF as a partner and look forward to seeing their members competing at our events.”

NFG events are open to all abilities and will take place on;

8th June Surrey Sports park

7th September Loughborough University

Teams are made up of four athletes per team with male, female, mixed (2+2) and masters (40+) categories.

Enter your team now to be part of the UK’s ultimate fitness challenge.