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Celebrating International Day of Friendship


At Be Military Fit, we're proud of our empowering and inclusive community and firmly believe that true friendships are forged in the fire of challenges and camaraderie. Recognising International Day of Friendship, we want to honour the strong bonds our fitness community creates every day!

It has always been our mission at Be Military Fit to help people get fit, have fun, and improve their health with the support of a vibrant and empowering community, through our military-style boot camp training fitness classes. Instilling the essence of discipline and teamwork in our workouts, our classes are more than just exercise; they are an immersive experience that builds resilience, ignites a passion for fitness and fosters firm friendships.

We are proud of our diverse fitness community, welcoming anyone who wants to get or stay fit, whether seasoned fitness enthusiasts or someone taking first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, including those who struggle with motivation and find the confines of a gym unappealing. Catering to a wide age range of ages, we embrace all participants, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment and a sense of belonging and empowerment for all.

At Be Military Fit, we understand that traditional gym environments can be uninspiring and lonely, leading to a lack of motivation and support. That's why we pride ourselves on offering outdoor group workouts, where members can train in a supportive team atmosphere, pushing their limits and benefiting from the motivation to achieve new levels of fitness they may well have struggled to reach before.

With values that Our values revolve around military discipline, community, teamwork, fitness, commitment, personal growth, motivation, and fun. But our classes go beyond physical exercise. More than just a series of workouts, Be Military Fit classes create a tight-knit family that celebrates friendship, growth, and self-discovery. They are about building a strong community that uplifts and encourages one another. 

So today, we want to celebrate International Day of Friendship, and acknowledge the profound impact that true friendships have on our fitness journey. Together, we conquer obstacles, share laughter, and create memories that last a lifetime.