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World Mental Health Day - Mindful Fitness


We are acutely aware that exercise often takes centre stage in people's minds when they think of Be Military Fit. However, what truly drives us is the well-being of our members, both physically and mentally. We deeply understand the profound influence that outdoor fitness and a supportive community can have on the mind.


The Nature of Strength

At Be Military Fit, we firmly believe that true strength goes beyond physical fitness—it encompasses mental resilience as well. In our perspective, stepping onto natural terrain, feeling the earth beneath your feet, and inhaling the fresh air is more than just a workout; it's about establishing a profound connection with nature that becomes a formidable ally in the pursuit of mental well-being.


The Therapeutic Outdoors

We like to think of nature as a retreat, even a therapist. In fact, scientific studies have validated the therapeutic benefits of outdoor exercise. A UK Parliament Report highlighted the positive effects of green spaces on mental health, even proposing "nature-based" therapy for healing. Likewise, studies from the University of Essex revealed that outdoor exercise significantly improves self-esteem, and mood, and reduces stress for individuals across all age groups.


A Community of Support

Beyond the physical workouts, Be Military Fit is a dedicated community of supportive individuals. In a world that can often feel isolating, it’s our members, coming together to bolster one another that stands strong. We've witnessed the transformative power of shared struggles and victories, and are proud to provide a space where members uplift and inspire one another. With World Mental Health Day in mind, we encourage open conversations, reminding everyone that it's okay not to be okay, and that together, we can glean strength from one another.


Beyond the Treadmill

Outdoor training offers more than just a change of scenery; it provides a tangible boost in effectiveness. Research has shown that the wind resistance encountered while running outside can increase calorie burn by up to 10%. But it's not just about the numbers. There’s no doubt in our minds that the immersive experience of outdoor workouts leads to longer, more enjoyable sessions, making exercise a cheerful part of your routine.


Nature's Clock

This is a BIG one. One of the unique aspects of outdoor workouts is the liberation from the constant ticking of the clock. When surrounded by nature, time becomes an afterthought. Every session becomes an adventure, filled with the diverse stimuli of the great outdoors. No more counting minutes; simply relishing movement fully immersing ourselves in the moment.


Sunlit Gains

Even in the UK's less sunny climate, we are ones for soaking up every ray of sunlight. Vitamin D, derived from natural light, not only invigorates your body and mind but also enhances your fitness gains. The impact of exercising in the sun goes beyond physical; it’s very simply (and we don’t want to scare anyone off by using this word) a holistic approach to well-being.


Up for a Change?

So today, we invite you to step out of your comfort zone and join us on a different pathway to mental and physical wellness. Come and get stuck into a unique way of training within our incredible community and let's rewrite the narrative of mental health, one step, one workout at a time.


Are you ready to redefine your fitness journey? Find your local venue here and let the adventure begin.


Together, we conquer not just the physical challenges but the mental ones too.