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Be Military Fit Cheers On Our London Marathon Runners!


The roar of the London Marathon crowd is upon us, and here at Be Military Fit, we couldn't be more excited to send off a group of incredible members taking on this legendary challenge! We're bursting with pride for these dedicated individuals who have trained tirelessly and are ready to conquer the 26.2-mile course.

Running with Purpose:

For some of our runners, the London Marathon is more than just a race – it's a powerful platform to raise both awareness and vital funds for causes close to their hearts.

  • Claire, a Guilford Park member and primary school teacher, is running for Shooting Stars Children's Hospice. This organisation provided invaluable support to Claire and her family after the heartbreaking loss of her daughter Annie a week before her first birthday in 2017. Claire's dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. "Shooting Star children’s hospices supported us and got us through those first days after loosing Annie and have continued to support us."

  • Please see her fundraiser here. 

  • Javier, another Guilford Park member and a secondary school maths teacher, is running for St John Ambulance. This decision stemmed from a personal experience where St John's Ambulance's rapid response saved his father-in-law during a medical emergency. Javier's story highlights the remarkable work St Johns Ambulance does every day. "A few years ago, I witnessed a life-changing event where St John Ambulance played a crucial role. My father had a sudden medical emergency, and the swift response of St John Ambulance volunteers made all the difference. Their expertise and care not only saved a life but left a lasting impact on me."
  • Please see his fundraiser here.
  • Chris Prickett has chosen to run for Shelter, a leading organisation dedicated to tackling homelessness in the UK. Chris's commitment to this important cause reflects the compassion and social responsibility shared by many Be Military Fit members. "Times are not easy for so many people, and Shelter's cause resonates across the country right now. From the homelessness I witness along my own road on a daily basis, to the everyday struggles that are widely reported, Shelter defends the right for everyone to have a safe home."

  • Please see his fundraiser here (and applaud his fundraising Strava art courtesy of the Harringay Ladder).

Pushing Boundaries, Achieving Goals:

Michelle Griffith, another Be Military Fit member from Finsbury Park, is setting an amazing example by also taking on the London Marathon challenge!

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These incredible individuals represent the very spirit of Be Military Fit - dedication, perseverance, and a strong sense of community. We're sending all our positive energy and cheering them on every step of the way!


Inspired to Run?

The London Marathon might be a bucket-list event, but anyone can experience the benefits of running! Be Military Fit offers workouts to support and help you reach your own running goals, whether it's completing a 5k or simply building endurance. Join us and discover the power of running!