Whether you're new to fitness or an aspiring athlete, we tailor our workouts for all abilities, whilst positively encouraging, expertly coaching and motivating you to success.

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Welcome to BMF, the original outdoor fitness workout

Thousands of people from different walks of life around the UK have been exercising with BMF since 1999. Led by our highly professional Instructors, you're guaranteed to get a great workout whatever your ability. Whether you're looking to lose weight, increase your self-esteem, improve your fitness or meet new people, BMF will deliver every time.

What level are you?

Each session is suitable for all abilities from absolute beginners to keen fitness enthusiasts. Our coloured bib system enables us to break you into groups with people with a similar ability level and allows our highly skilled instructors to provide the appropriate exercises and intensity for each individual.



  • Blue (Beginners) For people that currently do little or no exercise or are returning to fitness training after a break (i.e. following injury, illness or post natal). We work to the ability of the group.
  • Red (Intermediate) For those who have worked their way up from a Blue bib or those joining us who have a reasonable standard of fitness already. Intermediate classes are a great way to challenge your speed, strength, agility and stamina and take your fitness to the next level.
  • Green (Advanced) Not for the faint hearted. This is where we challenge the fittest participants to their max. Separate advanced classes are run at most of our venues. The classes are highly rated by our seasoned members, who are now fit enough to be pushed to their limit and beyond 


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Think BMF is just for the hardcore? Think again!


What to expect at your first class

Before the session

Arrive 15 minutes before the session to meet your instructors who will check your health questionnaire and find out what to expect during the class.


We'll introduce you to other members and split you into ability groups with people of a similar fitness level to yourself.


You just need to wear a sports kit and trainers for the session. If it's cold, bring gloves and a hat.

During the session

Our 1-hour class is planned with a 10-minute warmup, 40 minutes of cardio, strength, resistance, and teamwork followed by a 10-min cooldown.


We provide plenty of water and stop for a water break during the class, ensure you hydrate before the sessions though.


We'll securely store all your valuables during the class so you can focus on the session.

After the session

Chat with your instructor or our membership team about how you found the class and how it will enable you to achieve your goals.


Discuss next steps about how you can join the BMF community, whether on monthly membership or PAYG and book in for more sessions.


BMF is addictive and our membership options are the most cost-effective way to improve your fitness.

Typical equipment includes:

We also make use of various types of equipment to spice the sessions up and offer even more variety:

  • Military style kit - tyres, logs, stretchers, ropes etc
  • Resistance bands
  • Boxing kit
  • Kettlebells
  • Slam balls
  • Dumbbells

Typical exercises include:

The sessions are broken down into ability levels (blue, red and green) - so we welcome anyone from fitness rookies to exercise veterans to give it a go!

The types of exercises we will ask you to do are bodyweight exercises such as:

  • Resistance exercises with a partner
  • Circuit training
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Team relays
  • Teamwork and team challenges
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Think BMF is just for the hardcore? Think again!