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December 2, 2020


As of today (2nd December 2020), BMF reopens after COVID lockdown 2.0. We have been keeping our members fit and active via BMF AT HOME to help them achieve their lockdown goals. Our members can now reap the benefits of outdoor training once again and still have access to our fantastic online sessions. Check out the benefits of outdoor exercise below.


According to the Environmental Science and Technology Journal just 5 minutes exercising in green space is enough to reduce stress and increase motivation to stay active.  In their research there are some interesting facts that will come as no surprise to BMF members.  They provide a great cause to celebrate our return to the parks.

  • A Park Run (CrossRun) 

    • Burns more calories than a treadmill.  
    • Wind resistance increases calorie burn by up to 10% according to Harvard Medical Studies
    • Evidence also suggests that joints also fair better when running on the softer surfaces compared to the more static treadmill
  • Outdoor activity boosts creativity
    • The Journal of Experiential Psychology suggests that just getting out of the house for 20 minutes open air exercise will boost mental energy and creativity on return
  • Get competitive to improve fitness levels
    • According to Sage, getting competitive with friends or through organised challenges pushes you in ways that cardio machines cannot match.  BMF instructors are always organising charity competitions and challenges for members to share.  Why not get involved in the next great challenge and achieve even more than you expect!
  • Top up your vitamin D
    • According to the National Institute of Health it takes only 30 minutes twice per week exercising outdoors to keep your vitamin D levels topped up to the optimum.  BMF members working out in the winter sunshine hit these levels in a single park session!
  • Boost your immune system
    • Hug a tree – the International Journal of Immunopathology found that breathing in small amounts of airborne plant extract can improve immune response by up to 50%.
  • Outdoor exercise is a natural anti-depressant
    • Outdoor exercise according to Piedmont Healthcare is a natural anti-depressant.  Outdoor exercise can help reduce the impact of Seasonally Affected Disorder and anxiety because sunshine naturally increases serotonin – a hormone that effects your mood.  Exercise also produces endorphins, another feel good hormone that lifts mood and can reduce pain.
  • Make exercise fun
    • Piedmont Healthcare also suggest that exercise can become a lot more fun if you workout with friends and family in the wider outdoor spaces.  BMF members know only too well, the value of an exercise community. Do invite friends to join you as we get back to the parks in just 2 days time.

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