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Vicki Anstey - SAS: Who Dares Wins

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January 5, 2019

Vicki has been attending BMF for 12 years at Richmond Park. After experiencing military style fitness, she was excited by the news of women being accepted for the programme SAS: Who Dares Wins after seeing the post on Instagram. After some consideration and lot of support pushing her to apply, Vicki plucked up the courage and sent her application.

who dares wins 1

The first steps included a physical assessment and after attending BMF sessions for over a decade you’d think you’d know what to expect right? Wrong…

The new female applicant described the assessment as 'really strict' and even after training with BMF for so many years this was a whole new level of challenging, military style. Vicki said "To see it was fantastic and it was encouraging to see I was one of only a few women who had applied and got through, it boosted a lot of confidence." The process continued and many interviews were attended.

Throughout the course Vicki endured little to no sleep every night and had nightmares, while support was offered the sleep deprivation meant it took a while to process and despite being strangers, the participants became reliant on each other.

How did BMF help?

Alex and his team upped the anti for Vicki during sessions, she wore military boots to every training session and ran with a load on.  Vicki said the familiarity of phrases really helped to 'switch something on' in her brain and knew when she 'had to go all out'.  This helped when she was getting shouted and screamed at which was very harsh and intimidating!

The instructors at BMF were more than happy to give Vicki all the advice, motivation and tips on military experience she needed. Neil (one of the instructors) did navigation stuff with Vicki and classes and members were full of support.

“BMF is part of the fabric of my life, every session is different and it's a real community feeling. I go for the social aspect as well as physical. It’s like a family.”

We asked Vicki, is there anything else in the pipeline?

"Not yet but I’m thinking about what I can push myself towards next"

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You can follow Vicki's progress here and SAS: Who Dares Wins here.

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