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The Parachute Regiment tri team complete first international event

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December 11, 2018

file3The Parachute Regiment has been well known for its ability to develop resilient, disciplined and courageous paratroopers, it is less known for its team of triathletes who are currently taking on the world.  Supported by BMF, the first Para Reg Triathlon team has been formed and made up of some of the very best in the British Army.  They have just competed in their first international event, the Middle Eastern Iron Man Championships 70.3.

Unlike the rest of the competitors they fit their training around their arduous Army training, which is tough enough as it is, but to add the needs of a professional tri-athlete on top becomes incredibly challenging.  As most of their rivals will have been preparing meticulously for this event, the Para Reg Tri team were overseas training the French Army to be ready for action…not your usual race preparation!

This did not dampen their spirits nor their performances as the whole team cruised to the finish line with a superb range of times from 4:03 to 5:03 in the Ironman 70.3. This is the first of 3 events for this season and was a great start for all involved.  They were able to meet his Royal Highness Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa who has his connections with the Para Reg after completing the gruelling P Company testing week. His Royal Highness is a huge advocate of fitness and health and is a driving force behind the growth and popularity of fitness in the Middle East.

The Para Reg Tri team results from the Middle Eastern Iron Man Championships 70.3.

Ssgt Syrett: 4:03

WO2 Smith: 4:29

Csgt Groves: 4:33

Lt Christie: 4:34

Captain Proud: 4:38

Lcpl Gander: 4:48

Lcpl Walton: 4:58

Lcpl Ince: 5:03

BMF’s MD Tommy Matthews says “BMF’s support for the Parachute Regiment is incredibly important to our long-term vision to retain our military heritage and increase awareness of career opportunities within the company to Army leavers. As the main sponsor of the Para Reg Tri team, not only is it a great honour to support the 8 athletes but it also puts BMF on the international stage as a fitness company deep routed in military ethos.”

To keep up to date with the team and their progress, follow them on Instagram ‘ParaRegTri’ and keep an eye out on the BMF facebook page as we run some great stories about the individual athletes.