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August 12, 2020

During lockdown BMF quickly and very successfully implemented our online offering, BMF AT HOME. Delivering live, functional fitness workouts to our members all over the world and in the convenience of their home or workplace. As our offering developed over the lockdown period more and more new workouts were added to complement our signature workout and most popular - Military Fit.

About Release & Recover

One of these sessions was RnR (Release & Recover). A bodyweight session that uses animalistic movement patterns and mobility drills to harness your inner strength.

Have the freedom to move and the balance and control to perform. This session aims to bring your body back to its roots, developing the foundations on how we were born to move. R&R is an essential part of our complete programme, looking after your body is too, we only have one! We train hard at high intensities all week, so R&R is a chance to recover and work on our weaknesses, in turn making us stronger.

R&R combines various training methods to optimise your movement capabilities and build strength from the inner core. Develop strong posture, greater muscular control and joint stability to cope with anything life throws at you.

If you’re taking part in other BMF programmes, you’ll need to keep the animal in you functioning at its best. If you’re just starting out or coming back from injury then this programme can help you get back into more intense training. Improve your muscular and connective tissue function whilst developing a strong core.

Release & Recover – Drew Blofeld

Drew served 9 years in the British Army with the Royal Engineers. Drew has a passion for coaching and while serving completed his Army Physical Training Instructor Course and took a keen interest in Rehabilitation while serving at the Royal School of Military Training Regiment. Extremely passionate about all aspects of fitness, his goal-orientated training programmes will help you achieve the best you can be. 


  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Functional Fitness
  • Body Transformation 
  • Post-injury rehabilitation

These 45 mins sessions focused on mobility and prehab exercises. It is in high demand from our members, with brilliant feedback from both our instructors and our members, so it’s here to stay!

Recovery is a critical component of any successful training programme and is probably the least planned and under-utilised method to enhance performance. A balanced combination of rest and recovery along with good nutrition and regular exercise should be the basis of any fitness regime. 

Mobility is the joy of moving freely and easily. Healthy muscles, bones and joints allow us to perform all types of movements - from everyday tasks to enjoying our favourite hobbies and the toughest of BMF sessions. It allows us the ability to perform movements such as: squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling and crawling.

This workout isn’t just about flexibility, that’s only one element of mobility, its improving movement quality, preventing injuries, improving performance and ensuring our members have all of the tools they need to reach their fitness goals.

The skeleton is pulled and adjusted by the muscles that attach to it. Our muscles grow and adapt based on our most common movement patterns we use in everyday life. Depending on our lifestyle we may use some movements more than others, we may have developed bad habits. This all leads to muscles developing unevenly, some becoming tight and short, others maybe lose or long. This leads to us not moving correctly and could eventually lead to stress and wear on our joints.

Why is RnR so important to us?

  1. Decreases chance of injury- this is the most important. Any restrictions to a freely moving joint pose a possible risk of injury.
  2. Keeps joints healthy - When doing mobility exercises, the joint being targeted is commonly referred to as being “warmed up.” What is actually happening is that blood is being moved to the surrounding tissues and synovial fluid (fluid in our joints which helps them glide) is shuttled into the working joint.
  3. Become stronger - If our movement is restricted in a squat and we can only go down to just above parallel, how strong would the squat be through its full range of motion if we are not able to train the bottom fourth of the movement? Not very strong at all. This logic can be applied to every exercise as well. If our mobility is limiting a full range of motion, then we cannot strengthen all parts of the movement.
  4. Spending some additional time focusing on recovery can pay dividends beyond extra training time and you will notice improvements in recovery time. Don't forget to mix up you routine and refer to the On Demand section of the app for inspiration.
  5. If you haven’t tried one of these sessions yet, we highly recommend you book on.

Drew is the franchise owner and Instructor at Bolton, Leeds, Liverpool and Preston. Sign up for your FREE session.





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