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October 16, 2020

Meet Jackie, a member of BMF St Albans, who smashed her Army fitness assessment by using BMF to train. Well done Jackie! 

“I started BMF around 3 years ago with a goal to get fit enough to join the Army. I was 18 at the time and I thought a run around the block was a huge distance!

Over the 3 years, I have trained 2/3 times a week and loved every session! It’s really helped me to keep my eyes on the goal, even when I don’t feel motivated for the session I know that when I get there I will really enjoy it and I will feel the buzz after!

The sessions have really helped me to prepare as we do a mixture of strength and cardio exercises, giving me an all round great fitness level.

BMF uses a similar style as to what should be used in Basic Training for the Military, we also train in all weathers and sometimes end up crawling in the mud!

It is all great fun and the Instructors are brilliant! They know how to make the sessions exciting and they have really helped me to believe in myself. They take a lot of time to help you, give advice and keep you wanting to push yourself further than you think you can! BMF has helped me massively increase my fitness. Now I have been able to pass my Army assessment with an A grade and continue onto phase one training. I can’t thank the BMF team enough!”

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