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"it’s trainers have made me feel like part of a little family" - Tony's Journey


Meet Tony, Be Military Fit member at Alexandra Palace. In 2017 he gave up smoking after around 40 years. While he always considered himself fit, his partner bought him a package of 10 BMF classes starting in January 2019.

'On the first Saturday in January, I walked up Alexandra Palace (I live at the bottom of the hill), and around 1/3 of the way up I had to stop and rest. Finally reaching the group at the top of the hill, I was told that I would start off as a blue vest and began to exercise. Halfway through I had to stop. I was so out of breath and so unfit. But the group was supportive.
The next week I went again with a repeat of the first week (I was clever this time - I drove up) but again stopped halfway through the session. However, as the weeks went by, I continued going and when we were put in lockdown, increased first to twice a week and then to three times a week.
I began to do red reps and moved up to green reps pushing myself all the time. A year later, I was walking up and down Alexandra Palace without stopping. I can now do a full hours training and feel great. I go to work and look forward to the next training session.

BMF, it’s participants and in particular, it’s trainers have made me feel like part of a little family and have given me so much support, advice, encouragement and the motivation to keep going for the foreseeable future. Plus I don’t get out of breath anymore. So thank you BMF.