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January 12, 2021

A huge congratulations to Graham O’Brien( BMF Manchester franchise owner & instructor) for all your amazing efforts throughout the lockdown 👏


“I work for Virgin Media and at our virtual Christmas party we were given an envelope with ‘DO NOT OPEN’ on the front of it and a gift voucher inside. We were given the instructions on the call to gift it forward, not to anybody, but to someone who has really made a difference this year.

With those 2 things in mind, instantly Graham O’Brien (BMF Manchester) came into my head and there is no doubt that there was a more fitting person. I don’t think I (and all of my fellow BMFers would agree) could have got through 2020 without him. He’s been innovative with online sessions, recordings, WhatsApp groups, competitions, BMF quiz’s with BMF goodies as prizes, he’s even created a BMF podcast!

You name it, he’s done it and so much more. He could quite easily sit back and say ‘life’s crap, we can’t be in the parks so we can’t do it’ but he’s done the complete opposite which means we’ve all been able to keep some sort of new normal while living in a constant lockdown/tier 3 area. He truly is amazing!

I said to him, I wish I had 2 envelopes really because Chris Ainsley has been amazing too, I’m literally addicted to his kettlebell Friday class (which I NEVER thought I’d say!)

So here you have it... a good news story and a pic attached of me socially distanced presenting it to him.”

Fiona - BMF Manchester Member

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