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"I have come to realise what I am capable of"- melissa's journey



“I can honestly say that joining BMF has to be one of the best things I’ve done. The change has been incredible for me. I was in a bad place mentally, feeling unfocused and unsure of my direction, but BMF gave me just that.

In just 18 months, I have done a complete 360 degree turn in both attitude and physicality, with a knock-on effect for other aspects of my life too.



18 months ago I had no drive, no focus, and no motivation.

I was depressed and struggled most mornings to get out of bed after spending the nights worrying over things beyond my control. When my marriage came to an end I felt trapped in a mindset I desperately wanted to change.

When Covid-19 arrived and lockdown started, I knew I had to do something.



I was following Bear Grylls on Facebook and kept seeing his posts about weekly workouts with BMF on Instagram. I was curious, so I made myself an Instagram account and began to participate in the sessions.

During this time, I noticed how these sessions were turning my focus toward goals and consistency. It started to become more of a habit, and I wasn’t getting so dragged down by my thoughts anymore.

I even started running!



Working out together felt like a community, and I wanted to be part of it! So, I decided to join BMF’s online classes in February 2021.

I wanted to be part of something with all these amazing, like-minded, motivated people! I was so nervous, but I thought to myself: “What have I got to lose?”

I had the goals, ambition, and drive. All I needed to do now was join the class.


The first instructor I met was Dave from Leeds Park. He put me at ease straight away, and I immediately felt welcome.

After my first proper session as a member, I was hooked. I started to join more classes, and was attending around 4 sessions each week.

It is tough.

The instructors push you out of your comfort zone, but this is because they see your potential! They know you have what it takes, and they help you to realise it for yourself.

I had only been training with BMF for 3 months when I earned the BMF member of the month title and was feeling more confident than ever. All my instructors believed in me when I didn’t. I was blown away by my progress, and to feel that, was just the most incredible feeling.



After my first assessment at the park, I earned my red bib. I was actually only a few seconds short of my green bib, and completely astonished that I’d achieved this in just 3 months.

I am currently working towards my green bib with the help of the amazing instructors and friends I’ve gained along the way.

I cannot thank you all enough for believing in me. I absolutely love my BMF family and really can’t imagine being without.

I have come to realise what I am capable of.

Life has opened up for me, and I now have the confidence to grab each opportunity with both hands.

Even my 10-year-old boy has noticed this, and now exercise is something we can do together, result!”


It’s as much about mental preparation as it is about physical training.

Melissa already knew her capabilities when she pushed through her nerves and joined her first BMF session. She just didn’t know it back then.

If you’ve been inspired by Melissa, visit www.bemilitaryfit.com/search-venue and start your own journey today.