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June 21, 2018

Introducing BMF Hyde Park's powerhouse, Becca; a small package charging through every BMF session she attends!

Becca has earned a place to compete for Great Britain in the ITU Standard Distance Triathlon World Championships in Australia this September! This is no mean feat and the huge physical and mental preparation to achieve her goals are massive, so let's all get behind her to support her!

"After retiring from international gymnastics after university, I struggled to find a sport or activity that gave me the same buzz and enjoyment. I was going to the gym and running, but feeling uninspired until a friend suggested I try BMF. I'd seen people doing it in the park and thought they were mad, but went along anyway. I was hooked straight away. I enjoyed the discipline and structure that BMF offered, as well as being told what to do! Some 14 years later and i'm still going!

It has been through BMF that I have made some of my closest friends in London and it was one of these friends who was doing a triathlon last year. For the first time I liked the sound of this new challenge. I admit I've always been a decent swimmer, I cycle around london and my running has improved through BMF, but putting them all together just sounded insane! 
Once again I enjoyed the structure of the training and discipline that is required to do a triathlon in as much 'comfort' as possible, but it certainly isn't easy. My first race didn't entirely go to plan and therefore I felt I had to do a second race to prove to myself that I could do one well.
Thankfully all the training paid off in this race and it was from these results that a fellow trainer and triathlon coach suggested that I could really do well at this with some personally tailored coaching.
The World Age Group Championships was the goal - at the time it seemed like such a long way away, but I had nothing to lose by giving it a go. Full training began in February alongside my existing BMF training and in May I achieved my goal. Once again, the race didn't entirely go to plan, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found out I had qualified. 
I now have the summer to prepare for the Championships which take place in Australia in September, with a couple more races before then for some practise and to hopefully qualify for the Europeans next year."