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March 10, 2020

A BMF franchise is more than an instructor and a backpack! BMF has a business set up process and a support network to get you up and running quickly. No previous business running experience is required. Franchising takes out the scary parts of going into business on your own. It doesn’t guarantee business success, but it does shift the odds in your favour.


Setting up your own business can be tough and high-risk. Our franchise model means you can operate your own BMF site with a tried and tested model and business system. 

BMF has a 20-year track record in health and fitness, which has helped secure our status as the leading outdoor fitness provider. With the fitness market expanding at a phenomenal rate, we have a unique opportunity to dominate the global fitness industry.



We offer a unique capital investment compared to other fitness franchise offers and low operating cost structures. We don’t compete against others for bricks and mortar sites, we don’t face high ground rent and business rates. Military veterans will also receive an exclusive discount on their investment.

Group training has become a worldwide phenomenon in the fitness industry. Members are demanding a better experience and are constantly looking for variety in their workouts and owning a BMF business means you aren’t restricted to member numbers either.

We stand alone in the fitness industry as the company that really can ‘Train Anywhere’, through our unique training systems. We are the first franchise business to provide a complete training solution for urban, mobile and outdoor fitness training.

With a bit of hard work and determination you could be running a profitable business sooner than you think.


Untitled design (48)How does more flexibility, money and status sound? Owning a BMF franchise can provide you with all of these elements if you operate the business successfully and manage your time and resources correctly.



Using the latest business operating systems, programming methods, equipment and marketing a franchisee has the tools to succeed. One of the key things that differentiates us from our competitors is the support we provide; we have a UK-based franchise support team and we provide 1-to-1 support throughout the lifecycle of your business journey. We also have a network of franchisees to share best practice and to build the outdoor fitness offering. Our franchisees are from both military and commercial worlds.  

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