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October 1, 2020

Andrew Mercer went from ‘stressed out executive’ to the best physical and mental shape of his life! When Andrew joined Be Military Fit, he hadn’t done fitness in a long time.

"My name is Andrew and I have been a member of BMF in Milton Keynes since the park opened 10 years ago. I had always kept myself fit, but apart from running, I had not found a fitness solution that gave me total satisfaction or variety. Gyms just weren’t for me. I’d been very fit in my youth playing sports and rugby in particular, but as my career took me to top executive status, I found I no longer had time for myself and my fitness suffered as a consequence. When BMF opened eight years ago, I saw an advert in a local paper and decided to give it a go. When I joined, I literally never looked back.




As an older member, I am now 63, I have always found the variety of each session to give added impetus and interest to drive my fitness. I am now probably the oldest group member in MK, but I can still give a number of younger people a run for their money in most sessions. The friendship, group support, and enthusiasm from everyone really keeps the sessions busy, and even when I do fall behind, I never get left behind.

Over the years I have had some very stressful work situations, attending BMF at the end of the day has always been an opportunity to relieve the stress, get rid of pent up frustration, and put the world of work into perspective. That support continued during lockdown and made the last few months so much more bearable.


Seven years ago I was very poorly and spent some time in the hospital with an infection that also caused sepsis. I was away from training for some months. Going back was a target that I always kept in my head...and I achieved it. The doctors said that my level of fitness at the time made a huge difference to my recovery and response to treatment. I can almost say BMF contributed to saving my life!

I am now retired but the sessions are still a focal point of my week. I have a huge number of friends in the group. We meet regularly (rules allowing) and I hope this will continue. Even now at 63, as one of the senior members, I can still run rings around people less than half my age. Now I’ve retired, BMF is a positive focus in my week. It keeps me fit, agile and young at heart.”



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