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"BMF kept me 100% motivated and fit (mentally and physically) during the pregnancy"

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February 26, 2021

"I started training with BMF when I moved to London in 2012. At the time there were limited challenging group fitness classes and there was a Groupon offer! Before I attended, I was terrified at the military style and heard it was really tough but after attending a few classes I was hooked and have been going x3-4 times a week for almost 9 years! 

The best thing for me about BMF is how it helps stabilise my mental health and keep me balanced. No matter how tough a day I have had I somehow manage to totally switch off during the session and always feel great (and completely shattered) afterwards! 

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Tom has been an amazing Park Manager since he joined a few years back. I have seen quite a few instructors come and go so it has been great to have some stability. Tom is very structured and consistent, you know your going to get a tough workout and that he won’t let you scrimp on form. He’s also brought back the community aspect, especially during lockdown, I don’t think he took a day off in weeks!! 

I now have 12 week old twins and am planning to come back to the park next month. I trained up until 31 weeks with the online classes, normally x3 a week. I loved having the structure each week and a reason to keep moving as I got bigger. All the instructors gave me more suitable options and then I just took my time on everything else. It 100% kept me motivated and fit (mentally and physically) during the pregnancy and meant I could keep some of “me” going! Now the babies are here it’s just about finding the time to attend!! 

The lockdown online training has been perfect for me as I fell pregnant last March and meant I didn’t have to hide it from other members! I also found it great for pregnancy because I could go at my own pace and didn’t have to run / waddle at the back of the pack in the park. The fact that there are so many option means I can fit it around my working day and an added bonus is the no commuting time."

BMF Clapham Common Member - Robyn

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