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January 22, 2021

"Being active has always been an important part of my life. I started training with BMF because my Dad (a member for many years) had said so many great things about it. He would come home sweaty and covered in mud. It looked like so much fun, so when I turned 16, I joined straight away! I had a pretty hard time at school, so I also joined as a distraction and as a way to improve my mental health - which it definitely has done.

BMF has helped me achieve so many goals. The first goal was to manage my anxiety and to help me have a much more positive outlook on things. It has also helped me reach my fitness goals and become the fittest I have ever been, to work towards goals with my MyZone belt, for example pushing myself to complete the 3000 MEP challenge. I have always been indecisive in career paths and I am now looking to join the RAF, so BMF will definitely push me towards that goal and be a great help in supporting me to pass the fitness test.

The online training has been great! Obviously, nothing beats the parks but having the online sessions supporting me through lockdown has been a huge help. They have motivated me more than ever and my instructor Andy still puts us through our paces and catches us out if we are caught standing around on the camera. If I didn't have the BMF online sessions throughout these lockdown's, I would be so bored and would struggle to motivate myself. Andy and some of the other members from BMF Barnet/Enfield have also put a huge effort into keeping everyone busy and continuing to encourage each other throughout all of the lockdown's which has been a huge support. They have encouraged me to get even fitter and use my time to work harder in improving my fitness levels."

Lydia - BMF Enfield & Barnet Member


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