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May 7, 2021

As Europe’s largest outdoor fitness provider, we’re delighted to announce our long-term partnership with performance nutrition provider Grenade. We’ll be working directly to boost the government anti-obesity campaign by combining BMF’s innovative outdoor exercise and human performance expertise with Grenade’s nutritional expertise.

Our aim is clear and simple: we want to improve the health and mental wellbeing of the nation. From those recovering from Covid-19 to individuals looking to lead healthier lifestyles, BMF and Grenade are uniting as a force in favour of health.



Chris St. George, who, as Chairman, runs the BMF alongside co-owner, global adventurer Bear Grylls, thanked Grenade for bringing their unique campaigning style and nutrition boost to the anti-obesity campaign.

He said: “We must take pressure off our NHS in the months ahead. Hundreds of thousands of people with long Covid and millions of people who have not yet found the value of exercise need imaginative, accessible, and enjoyable exercise programming to boost immune systems and promote wellbeing. That is what BMF does best - working with our partners to deliver best in class psychological, fitness, and nutritional programmes. Grenade is a highly credible partner to support the latter component. Their values and military heritage are perfectly aligned with our own - we look forward to achieving a great deal in the coming year and beyond.”

Since the inception of the newest arm of BMF, the Human Performance division of the business has trailblazed a series of major contracts with organisations like The British Army and recruiting giant Capita. A groundbreaking human performance programme was devised by the trio to improve the pass rates of those taking part in army fitness selection tests. Candidates are trained by Be Military Fit’s experts, focusing on key areas of performance - psychology, physical fitness and health, and wellbeing.

Alan Barratt, CEO of Grenade explained: “Since Grenade’s launch as a sports nutrition and weight management brand over a decade ago, we’ve been passionate about the nation’s physical and mental wellbeing. Key to our success has been offering high protein, low sugar alternatives to high sugar confectionery, with our market-leading Carb Killa protein bar originally launched as a direct response to the Public Health England 2015 Sugar Reduction Programme. With our products an integral part of the BMF fitness and nutrition programming, now expanding rapidly across parks and outdoor venues in the UK, we can’t wait to pull the pin on this collaboration.”

This partnership comes at an exciting time for both BMF and Grenade, with BMF’s growing outdoor fitness franchises set to release 50 new franchise sites in June. Grenade’s market-leading sports performance and nutrition products offer a selection of award-winning protein, low sugar products including bars, drinks, and shakes, as well as leading performance nutrition, and apparel. With Grenade’s Carb Killa bar as the number one selling protein bar in the UK, we’re excited to be partnering with a company that has appeared in The Sunday Times Fast Track Top 100 for seven consecutive years since 2014.


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