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“My name is Elliott, and I’ve been a member of BMF St Albans since 2011!

I first joined Be Military Fit to train before joining the Royal Marines. I wanted to experience a style of military training that could help me to prepare for my journey through the Royal Marines training process.

When I first started at BMF, I was not very fit at all. I could swim and I could run a little, but primarily I had poor upper body strength. At this point, there was no way I could carry the heavy weight required whilst in the Marines.

I began my journey with BMF in the red bib group. I continued here for the first few weeks whilst I got used to the exercises and circuit format. I’d had no real prior experience of fitness training, so it took me some time to get used to it!

After consistently training over the course of a few months, both by myself and within sessions, I earned the green bib! Considering I could barely do a press-up a few months previously, it’s an achievement I’m still incredibly proud of.

BMF gave me the best possible start to my military career, by preparing me as best as possible for the initial training I would successfully complete.


After passing for duty, I continued to participate in classes at BMF, coming back for odd sessions to maintain my fitness whilst on leave. Of course, by this point I was very fit and had been taught the correct way to exercise.

The reason for coming back was not to improve my fitness. Now, it was less about getting fitter, and more about enjoying exercising and having fun with likeminded people!

Since I first started, BMF has changed massively. With Stu at the helm of St Albans, I can only see things improving further! With new classes, new exercises, and amazing new equipment to use, BMF URBAN really is the new way to train.


Compound classes with Matt are my favourite. He has in-depth knowledge; and as a passionate teacher, even our most experienced members leave with brand new tips and tricks to achieve better results. Not to mention- he also makes a pretty good coffee!

Now, after leaving my full-time military service, I have started my new career and transferred to the Royal Marines Reserve. With a busy schedule, I’m even more grateful for BMF’s #TRAINANYWHERE offering. I can be completely flexible with my routine, accessing classes in the park, Urban and online.

Currently, my goal is to maintain my overall level of fitness whilst also exploring Compound sessions. Each time I attend these classes, I can feel my overall strength improving.


Following a less cardio-focused format, Compound gives me time to decompress from life and enjoy some team banter between sets. Mental health is just as important as physical health, so these sessions prove to be the perfect balance!

To anyone reading this and considering joining BMF, I would absolutely recommend it.

Just go for it!

It can always be daunting to join group fitness classes, but it’s an incredible community atmosphere where we can all learn a little something from one another. The personalised instruction and advice from the team is the perfect way to learn, and I’ve no doubt learned a lot!”

At BMF, we train you to perform with confidence and excellence in any circumstances, and any surroundings.

Elliott has proven that you don’t need to be an athlete to start your journey with us, but you can achieve your goals with determination, a desire to learn and have fun within a community!

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