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BMF Milton Keynes


Due to COVID-19, outdoor classes have a limited number of spaces, therefore please make sure you book in via the app.

About Milton keynes

BMF incorporates the latest military methodology combined with cutting-edge training programmes to deliver results-driven workouts. These aspects are deeply rooted in a community fitness, so we can provide a fun yet challenging workout. The workouts are tailored to all abilities and the BMF community here is thriving and welcomes newcomers, whatever your fitness level, with open arms. 

At BMF we are concerned about our carbon footprint, therefore we deliver our workouts in the most sustainable environment available.

Please note - Thursday's sessions are located at Willen Lake North

If you are a member of BMF Milton Keynes, you will also have access to the locations below:




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Rob Francis & Claire Banbury

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Class Schedule

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Meeting Point

Venue details

Tuesday and Saturday sessions are located at Campbell Park.

The meeting point is by The Park’s Trust building, The Pavillion, 1300 Silbury Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 4AD. No charge to park there.

Thursday's sessions are located at Willen Lake North.

The car park at the Willen Pavillion on Portland Drive. The meeting point is just off Portland Drive, you will come to a height restriction barrier entrance and proceed along the road towards the Pavillion. The road takes you around the back of the Pavillion and into a tree sheltered area where the instructors will be parked.

The nearest postcode is MK15 9JP but please use the map HERE for a more accurate position.


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Rob and Claire bring a wealth of leadership, fitness, and health and well-being experience to the BMF brand.
Rob started with BMF as a member 7 or 8 years ago then became an Instructor, famed for his slightly extended sessions! Claire got dragged to most BMF sessions in the early days and now the pair are successful and proud owners of energie Fitness gym in Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes which has been successfully running for nearly two years.
Rob says, “I love bringing my skills as a leader and as a fitness professional to the unique community that BMF represents! I am especially proud of how BMF has stepped up to the plate during these difficult times- it’s a true reflection of the military heritage and spirit of this organisation.”
An ex Parachute Regiment officer with ten years service from the year 2000, Rob was involved in operations leading soldiers in Northern Ireland and the Middle East- including three tours of Iraq. A military man through and through Rob started his military service with four years in the Royal Marine Reserves making him one of only a few people to earn both the coveted green beret of the Royal Marines and the parachute “jump Wings” and maroon beret of the Parachute Regiment. 
We are extremely excited to be the franchise owners of Milton Keynes and Bedford.

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