Prepare to face BMF’s toughest challenge yet – Military Fit Ops.

This series of mission-based fitness experiences will push your physical and mental limits, requiring every ounce of effort and teamwork to complete each mission.

Each mission uses authentic military-style kit and is inspired by military operations giving you the opportunity to discover how far you can push yourself to achieve your goals.

Why attend?

  • Experience the toughest workouts by BMF
  • Push your physical and mental barriers
  • Utilise authentic military kit including logs, stretchers and ammo boxes
  • The ultimate team-based workout
  • Discover your potential

Who is it for?

  • Fitness fanatics looking to push themselves to the limit
  • All fitness abilities wanting to train in a team environment
  • Those with the grit and determination to take on the challenge
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Military Fit Ops by BMF is no ordinary workout and you’ll see why when you line up for the briefing.

This series of mission-based workouts derived from the toughest military tests and brought to you to push your physical and mental barriers. The camaraderie and teamwork will be like nothing you’ve experienced before and it will be the difference that gets you to complete the challenge.

The sense of achievement at the end will be shared with many and is when you really know you’ve joined the best outdoor fitness programme in the UK.

You’ll be amazed at what the body can achieve when the mind is in the right place. We will test your mental resilience and push you to the limit, but don’t be afraid, this mission is for you if you’ve determination and fight.

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