Military Fit, the most effective outdoor fitness programme created by experts to deliver results, fast. It’s fun, challenging, rewarding, achievable and results-based. Military Fit is designed to develop all areas of fitness to help you become stronger, fitter, faster, and endure more. It’s perfect for those wanting the most of everything in one session.

Known for being our Signature workout, Military Fit is a 60-minute workout where you’ll be on the go right from the start. The programmes are made to hit the right heart rate in order to gain the best calorie burn during and after the workout. Military training strategies are used to get the most out of our members in every session, whilst using our knowledge and understanding of the body to get the very best fitness results. In addition to building total-body strength you will achieve a lean, balanced body shape.

Why attend?

  • Results based fitness programme that burns calories fast.
  • Smash your perceived limits and hit your goals.
  • Constant adaptation and variation in every session. No more boring workouts!
  • Stay motivated and inspired by our highly trained instructors
  • Rapid improvements in cardio, strength and tone.

Who is it for?

  • Fitness fanatics aged 16+ looking for the best in outdoor training.
  • Anyone wanting fun, achievable and sustainable fitness.
  • All fitness abilities wanting to train in a group environment.
  • Those lacking in motivation and struggling to stick to a fitness regime.
  • Everyone, using our unique beginners, intermediate and advanced group structure.
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Designed with rich military heritage and executed with the very best physical performance and training methodologies. Our signature fitness class consists of 5 key components; Physical preparation; Strength; Anaerobic capacity, speed, and power; Aerobic capacity; Recovery. This scientific approach means every session delivers maximum impact and results.

Don’t be put off by our military ethos, the modern armed forces train with the most up to date methods to be ready for action. We use the same methods to be fit for life. Our unique methods mean that every workout is different but still delivers the same fantastic results. You’ll notice how you’re able to progress effectively through the fitness groups to achieve the results you desire.


  • Increased weight loss and fat burning
  • Increased fitness results that you can sustain
  • Improved core strength
  • Improved power and speed
  • Increased strength and muscle control to improve function

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