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Due to COVID-19, outdoor classes have a limited number of spaces, therefore please make sure you book in via the app.

About Sale Water Park

Sale Water Park is an unusual location for a BMF class as it does not strictly speaking have the grassy areas and fields that a typical park does, however, hundreds of people swear by training here. Expect to run up and down the scenic tracks that surround the man-made lake and also the banks of the nearby River Mersey. The notorious ‘bridge’ will undoubtedly be utilised as well as some areas of the park exclusive to BMF.

BMF incorporates the latest military methodology combined with cutting-edge training programmes to deliver results-driven workouts. These aspects are deeply rooted in a community fitness, so we can provide a fun yet challenging workout. The workouts are tailored to all abilities and the BMF community here is thriving and welcomes newcomers, whatever your fitness level, with open arms. 

At BMF we are concerned about our carbon footprint, therefore we deliver our workouts in the most sustainable environment available.




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Venue details

As you enter Rifle Road for Sale Water Park stay on the road as it bends to the left, you will see a prominent car park on your left that faces the visitor center and Ark Cafe building.

Postcode for satnav is: M33 2LX


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Taz Apergis

Taz Apergis


Taz joined the Royal Marines Reserves in 2002 and left in 2010. A heavy weapons specialist he is particularly proud of his deployment in Sierra Leone where he worked closely with the Sierra Leone army as part of a sustained British presence in the country after the civil war.

Taz joined BMF in Feb 2009, and loves the way that you can see people's fitness and well-being improve and progress as they train with his classes.

Taz holds a level 2 Gym instructors qualification, level 3 Personal Trainer and a degree in Sports and Fitness Management with the University of Bolton. He also competes as a professional boxer and has been involved in the sport for the last 10 years.

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