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BMF incorporates the latest military methodology combined with cutting-edge training programmes to deliver results-driven workouts. These aspects are deeply rooted in a community fitness, so we can provide a fun yet challenging workout. The workouts are tailored to all abilities and the BMF community here is thriving and welcomes newcomers, whatever your fitness level, with open arms. 

At BMF we are concerned about our carbon footprint, therefore we deliver our workouts in the most sustainable environment available.



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Chris Stevenson & Marisa Hoff

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Chris Stevenson has saved the world before. As an elite-level martial artist, Chris did what few athletes of his caliber were able to do, he became a Power Ranger. As part of an international stunt team, Chris toured the globe performing for audiences of all types. This experience was fulfilling to Chris and laid the groundwork for what would be his next chapter, a health and fitness expert and enthusiast.

After hanging up the spandex, Chris got involved in health and fitness. With a desire to take his education to the next level, he became a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). For the past 20 years, Chris has been an extremely popular group training instructor as well as a sought-after personal trainer. He is defined by his knowledge and expertise, his capacity to inspire, and his unique ability to instantaneously connect with people.

Marisa Hoff was an avid exerciser from day one. As she pursued her master’s degree in Educational Leadership from UCLA, she never failed to hit the gym. Throughout her career as an elementary teacher, she knew deep inside that someday she would work in the other industry that she loved so much, fitness. That day came over 10 years ago.

Marisa went from being an avid fitness enthusiast to a top-notch fitness provider. Marisa was the General Manager at one of the most successful boutique clubs in Southern California. She was also recognized as one of IHRSA’s 2019 Women Who Inspire based on her outstanding leadership in the fitness industry. While overseeing all aspects of club management, Marisa also taught large group exercise classes, as well as conducted specialized small group training. She bolstered her wide-ranging fitness experience with certifications from AFAA, Zumba, and SCW Fitness. Marisa is the master at mixing the right amount of instruction, inspiration and fun to create a well-rounded and effective fitness experience.