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About Pittencrieff Park

Come and join our friendly BMF community for a workout like no other. Each week you’ll be put through a challenging and fun workout with team games, paired exercises, circuits, strength work and running. Serious fun is guaranteed!

Class timetable

Class type Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Beginner session 18:30 06:00 18:30 - - 10:00 -
Military fitness 18:30 06:00 18:30 06:00(45mins) - 10:00 -
Running club - - - - - - -
HIIT - - 17:30 - - - -

Class timetable

Class type Mon Tues
Beginner session 18:30 06:00
Military fitness 18:30 06:00
Running club - -
HIIT - -
  Wed Thurs
Beginner session 18:30 -
Military fitness 18:30 06:00(45mins)
Running club - -
HIIT 17:30 -
  Fri Sat
Beginner session - 10:00
Military fitness - 10:00
Running club - -
HIIT - -
Beginner session -
Military fitness -
Running club -

Meeting point

We meet in the car park at the main entrace to the park which is accessed off Pittencrieff Street.

Postcode for Sat Nav: KY12 8AN

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Park Manager
Colin Faichney

Park Manager
Colin Faichney

Colin started working for BMF in August 2009, having served for three years with the 4th Royal Tank Regiment. Colin loves training and spending time outdoors, enjoying mountain biking, hill running, bouldering and skiing when the opportunity arises.

All of this will explain why his favourite holiday destination is Calgary in Canada which as he says has everything for outdoor activities, whether in the Winter or Summer, you'll always be able to find something to do.

Colin always finds new and interesting things for his BMF classes to do as well, so no session will ever be the same as the last.

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