A running experience like no other, literally.

No one enjoys running the same route every night or staring at the same spot on the treadmill. The motivation can drop in the space of seconds. CROSSRUN by BMF is here to take you on a different journey every session. Once you try it there’s no way you’ll go back to the old treadmill.

It’s exciting. It’s intense. It’s adventurous. It’s far from boring and it’ll push you to reach new limits. CROSSRUN by BMF is here to make you fitter and faster and the end goal is always worth it. By developing all areas of running fitness and working with the environment, you’ll increase your endurance and work your way through a variety of intensities.

Why attend?

  • You're  bored of pounding the pavements and need more structure in your running programme.
  • You're struggling to see progression in your running.
  • Race ready sessions proven to work.
  • Stay motivated and inspired by our highly trained instructors.
  • Develop your technique and expose your inner athlete.

Who is it for?

  • Runners of all levels, whether you’re doing a 5k or a marathon.
  • Runners looking to improve specific areas of fitness.
  • Those looking for greater variety in their programme.
  • Anyone wanting to work in a pack where pace, intensity and results are controlled by the instructor.
  • Keep picking up injuries which stop you doing what you love.
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60-minutes of immersive running-based fitness. Our highly qualified fitness instructors will keep you moving and motivated throughout the session.

After a thorough 10-minute warm-up then you’ll be taken on your CROSSRUN by BMF journey, a new world where each session is designed and dictated differently. From new routes and drills to new class formats, you’ll face different challenges every time. 

As you take on new running routes, you’ll incorporate railings, steps, woodland, logs, and more into your session. Developing your core strength through bodyweight, dynamic and plyometric movements ensures you’re running at your best.

Development is important at BMF and CROSSRUN by BMF does exactly that. It helps you develop your running style and technique. You’ll be taken on a journey of different physical and mental challenges where you’ll explore what you are capable of. Operating in a range of urban and rural locations, your skills will definitely be tested and pushed to new limits.


  • Improved running technique and style.
  • Maximum cardio results.
  • Rapid weight loss and calorie burn.
  • Improved core strength to reduce injury risk.
  • Increased strength and muscle control to improve function.

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