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December 3, 2020

BMF has some great news to share, the ‘BMF Army Prep ‘training platform, which is designed for Army candidates is now live. BMF has been working with Capita and the Army to create a bespoke training programme that will raise physical standards and pass rates of candidates at Army assessment centres. Improving the female pass statistics is a key priority of the project.   

BMF is known for its fitness training but this platform does so much more! It familiarises the candidates with the required standards and provides coaching methods to improve performance. The new Army fitness tests were introduced in January 2020 which include a 2km run, med ball throw, and mid-thigh pull strength test. The fitness standards are gender neutral but do vary depending on the role each applicant is applying for.  

In addition to the fitness training and assessment coaching, the platform also provides educational content on mental resilience, which looks at goal setting, peer to peer support, and much more.  BMF wants the candidates to be both mentally and physically prepared for the assessments, and ensure they complete them to the very best of their ability. 

So far so good, the platform has been live for 2 weeks and is already making a huge impact.  Watch this space for some more great news! 




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