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frequently asked questions

What is included in my initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee primarily gives you the right to operate a BMF franchise business. BMF has spent time, effort and money using research and business experience to establish a tried and tested business model using the BMF trade name. The business system in the form of the manual and the intellectual property is made available for you to use. BMF Central also offers support as per your Franchise Agreement.

What happens after I sign the Franchise Agreement?

You are introduced to your Franchise Relationship Manager who then co-ordinates the start of your journey including site search and your Franchisee Training Journey.

What training do I receive?

You receive 5 days of training for yourself along with training for additional team members at a discounted rate. The training – which is professionally delivered mainly at our BMF Central offices – covers all areas needed to open and operate a BMF site. Once you have started trading you and your team will have access to the annual training programme.


Do you find a site for me?

The obligation to find a site, park or other location rests with the franchisee. We do, however, offer assistance from our franchise team who can help negotiate the best terms with local authorities and councils.


Do I need a fitness qualification to become a franchisee with BMF?

If you want to work with BMF as a franchise owner but don’t hold a fitness qualification, then BMF’s partnership with Premier Global NASM gives you this opportunity.

As a BMF franchise owner, you can begin your qualifications alongside your standard franchise training whilst you are in the process of securing your outdoor training spaces and pre-selling memberships. Once qualified, you’ll be ready to deliver sessions to members, hit the ground running and kick-start your business journey.

Do you prepare the Business Plan for me?

We can help you build your business plan and sign it off when completed. The accuracy of the business plan is critical and whilst we will provide advice, help, and guidance you must satisfy yourself that it is accurate in every way. This is a live document and should be reviewed monthly against your management accounts.

Do I need to be instructing all the time?

There are two ways of running your BMF business – either ‘hands-on’ working in the business full time or, as an owner/investor with a high calibre General Manager recruited into the business. In both circumstances, you are accountable for the performance of your business. If you choose to work in the business yourself and you meet the criteria of our BMF Basic Management Course assessment, you will be required to operate the business on a daily basis which may include teaching some classes on weekends, late evening classes and early morning classes. The second option is to hire a General Manager (who must also meet the criteria of our BMF Basic Management Course assessment). The General Manager will run the business on a daily basis, however, you will be required to manage that manager against key objectives. We also offer additional support programmes if required.


Do I need to recruit my instructors?

Yes, you do however, we can assist you with this process. As per your Franchise Agreement, and to assist you, we sign off all management appointments.


What support do you provide me to launch my business?

In addition to the above mentioned guidance and support, we will provide a dedicated pre-sale specialist. This service includes the construction of the pre-sale marketing plan and telephone help and assistance in achieving the plan. Once your site is open we provide helpful guidance and support as detailed in the Franchise Agreement. If required, you can purchase additional support as per your Franchise Agreement.

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